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#1 Book: The Boy Who Got A Bernese Mountain Dog
Author: Brook Ardon.

"A sweet coming of age story" -RT Book Reviews

Luke Fine is almost a teenager when he makes a decision that will change everything. He decides to get his very own Bernese mountain dog. But Luke discovers his dog has a few troubles, just like he does. Can Luke save his dog from a huge mistake? A story about family, courage, and canine companionship. 

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ISBN-10: 1539908445

ISBN-13: 978-1539908449

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Ages 10 and up

 $14.99 Paperback.

Formats: e-Book, Paperback, & Audiobook (published by ListenUpAudio).

#2 Book: Why Can't I Tell You? 

"moments work well in these poems" --Kirkus Reviews

A collection of writing about dating. Topics include falling in love for the first time, coming-of-age, and heartbreak. A good match for teenagers who are curious about dating, and romance.

Ages 12+

Paperback $16.99

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ISBN-10: 1514270722

ISBN-13: 978-1514270721

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